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About Designer Pot Plants

Looking for that unique gift for someone special or that unique home decor piece for yourself,?

A gift you can keep and care for,  A gift that brings life to your home!

Our stunning stacked books with succulents are the prefect gift to lighten up any home. Require sunlight and are low care, the chances of killing them are very slim.

All our books are made to order, all books and plants are randomly selected to create your unique home decor gift….

They are truly breathtaking, view are creations in our gallery.

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someone a unique gift

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What Customers Are Saying

Unique gifts!  This is a wonderful escape from your average commerical gift store. Lots of unique succulent books here.  My mum loves hers. I gifted to her 12 months ago & going strong

Such an adorable little store. It’s actually not a flower shop, but a Home decor store. They do have a lot of succulents thou they sell these quirky, cute succulent stacked books. Such a unique idea and decor to have in any room. mine sits in my study. 

Beautiful, organic, quirky and eclectic. I love everything about this store! The owner has impeccable taste and it shows in the items she chooses to sell. Definitely check it out”

One of my favourite places to buy that special hand made gift. I have purchased three stacked books and they are still thriving to this day. The owner has come up with a different beautiful idea for any home.

About Succulents & Caring for plant

Sempervivum, Graptopetalum, Echeveria, Jovibarba Heuffelii or X Pachyveria to just name a few popular grown succulents. These lovely and easy to grow plants grace my garden with their gorgeous ever changing colors and textures, and using them in these succulent stacked books has been nothing but pleasure.

Succulents are relatively easy to care for and are long lasting. It is best to water it monthly by removing the pot from stacked books or using a spray bottle to coat the plant lightly.

Make sure you give this plant a couple of hours of direct sunlight or filtered sunlight majority of the day. Like all plants, light, correct amount of water and fed will guarantee you a happy and healthy succulent plant.